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NOV 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 129 SPOTLIGHT | Cleaning and Deburring IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Search Machines Smarter. Machining Center Drill/Tap Boring Mill Milling Machine Machine Type: The Machine Tool Search Engine Cleaning System Performs Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing and Drying Miraclean's parts cleaning system, the Cube 2, offers an automated line in a small footprint that provides ultra- sonic cleaning and rinsing as well as high-efficiency drying. The system promotes good particle count clean- liness levels, the company says. The system is equipped with two frequencies of ultrasonics in the cleaning tank and additional ultrason- ics in the immersion rinse to remove contaminants, such as buffing compounds, from complex part geometries. Vertical agitation and spray off in the wet process sta- tions provide additional mechanical action to slough off soils loosened by the ultrasonics. | Miraclean Ultrasonics | 716-763-4343 Clean Parts Safely and Efficiently Plural Additive Manufacturing, a North American distrib- utor for industrial 3D printers manufactured by 3ntr, is offering Omegasonics' 815BTX cleaning unit to those purchasing its 3D printers to assist with removing sup- port material. The 815BTX is a dual-tank, benchtop ultrasonic cleaning machine that is designed to be a versatile and cost-effective soluble support removal system. The model's left tank uses BioSolv, a biodegradable, non- hazmat cleaning detergent developed by Plural that is said to be superior to sodium-hydroxide (NaOH). The unit's right tank simply uses hot water. Its program- mable dual action cleans 3D-printed parts safely and efficiently. Ultrasonic technology is used to optimize the cleaning of precision areas and is combined with agita- tion to thoroughly remove support material. The 815BTX also features programmable alternating cycles to pro- vide hands-off cleaning from start to finish. | Omegasonics | 800-669-8227 | | Plural Additive Mfg | 877-453-5506 |

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