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NOV 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW SPOTLIGHT | Cleaning and Deburring MMS NOVEMBER 2018 132 Corrosion Inhibitors Provide Metal Protection Birchwood Technologies offers water-based inhibitors and sealants to prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces with 24- to 72-hour salt spray protection. These rust preventative and corrosion inhibiting prod- ucts enable selection according to needs for lubricity, dryness and decorative appeal. The different product formulations allow for vari- ables such as the type of metal surface in question, term of protection needed, and conditions of exposure in handling, shipping and storage. Special consider- ations such as removability and post-treatment opera- tions can be considered in the selection of the correct product. Following similar ASTM grading, these water-based products provide a range of protection levels and surface appearance. The products include a water- dilutable oil, a dry water-based sealant, a satin-gloss acrylic polymer, and a high-gloss urethane polymer sealant. None of these aqueous products have any VOC content or flash point. Used on tooling, motion control components, auto- motive parts and in many other applications, the seal- ants are available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon quantities. | Birchwood Technologies | 800-328-6156

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