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NOV 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 133 SPOTLIGHT | Cleaning and Deburring Tools for Advancing Innovation A VEN ¨ | 734-973-0099 | Interchangeable Magnification 4 Interchangeable Lenses 1 Innovative Magnifying Lamp 26501-INX-RL5D 5-Diopter (2.25x Magnification) 26501-INX-RL8D 8-Diopter (3x Magnification) 26501-INX-RL12D 12-Diopter (4x Magnification) 26501-INX-RL15D 15-Diopter (4.75x Magnification) ™ 26501-LED-INX In-X Magnifying Lamp Watch Video Ultrasonic Cleaning System Improves Chemical Compatibility Cleaning Technologies Group's GMC stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning system achieves chemical compat- ibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents. The series comes in two sizes: the GMC1818 and the GMC 3523. The larger unit can accommodate parts ranging to 35" and weighing up to 125 lbs. Both units are self-contained, supported on casters and operate from commonly available power supplies, making them easy to move where needed for either in-place or utility cleaning. Both systems include a pump and dual stainless cartridge filtration, a surface sparger, automated controls for heat, pump and ultrason- ics, a lid, and one standard basket. A drip pan enables draining one basket of parts while cleaning another. | Cleaning Technologies Group LLC 513-870-0100 Cleaning Process for Micromachined Parts Vacuum cycling nucle- ation (VCN) by Vacuum Processing Systems is a technology being used to enhance the transfer of material to or from the surface of a solid. The process works by reduc- ing the total pressure in a controlled environmental chamber containing a part submerged in a liquid, to below its vapor pressure. | Vacuum Processing Systems | 401-397-8578 vacuumprocessing

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