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NOV 2018

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MMS NOVEMBER 2018 134 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Modern Equipment Review Waterjet Abrasives Sourced Domestically Barton International has released its line of economical, domestically sourced Ecotek waterjet abrasives to the waterjet cutting market in North America. The line was developed to meet growing demand in the waterjet cutting indus- try for lower-cost abrasives and includes two products for waterjet cutting: Barton 80 STL and Barton 80 MGS. Barton 80 STL is made out of the naturally occurring mineral staurolite, produced from a mining and milling process in Florida. Staurolite has a density and hardness similar to garnet and is suitable for virtually all waterjet applica- tions. Barton 80 MGS, sourced in Oregon, is a synthetic olivine abrasive suited to less-demanding waterjet cutting applications. Both abrasives meet the same standards for grading, health, safety and environmental compliance as the company's garnet abrasives. They are also engineered to meet the company's safety and performance standards. | Barton International | 800-741-7756 | Magnifying Lamps Have Interchangeable Lenses Aven's ProVue Solas magnifying lamps increase flexibility with multiple interchangeable lenses in their durable housings. Users can enhance working distance, magnification or field of view without the need to have multiple lamps on hand. The lamp is available in two models. The Solas XL35 includes a 5-diopter lens (2.25× magnification) and can accom- modate an optional 3-diopter lens (1.75× magni- fication). The Solas XL58 includes an 8-diopter lens (3× magnification), but also accommo- dates an optional 5-diopter lens. The lamp has a fastening ring that is placed over the installed lens. It is designed to be easy to loosen and tighten when switching out lenses. Sixty ultra-bright white LEDs pro- vide shadow-free illumination with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. The lamp head features micro touch buttons to adjust the brightness intensity of the LEDs. With a 36" covered spring-balanced arm, its range can meet most inspection needs without exposed springs or pinching hazards. A tension knob enables optimal lamp head positioning. The lamps come complete with a heavy-duty table clamp and power adapter. | Aven Inc. | 734-973-0099 |

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