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NOV 2018

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COMPETING IDEAS MMS NOVEMBER 2018 32 Manufacturing Management AUTHOR | Wayne S. Chaneski Executive Director, Center for Manufacturing Systems New Jersey Institute of Technology the process that are being repeated, such as count- ing, cleaning and inspecting. Ensure all steps in the process are necessary. Also, ensure activities per- formed during one step of the process are not undone in the next. • Transportation: Find anything moving within or between process steps. Although any process will involve some amount of product movement, look for excessive exam- ples, such as long distances between process steps or frequent back-and- forth. Can complex workflows be simplified? • Inventory: All processes require inventory of some type, but excessive inventory should be identified. Like overproduction, inventory waste is characterized by numerous materials or com- ponents waiting to be used. Look also at supplies, tools and equipment to see if there are more than needed for current demand. • Motion: Do employees mostly remain in their work areas, or do they tend to move around? Do they have what they need to do their assigned tasks, or are they frequently searching? Also con- sider the ergonomics of each process step. Are employees frequently reaching, bending, lifting or changing from sitting to standing positions? • Employee Underutilization: This waste can sometimes be more difficult to identify, but observing each step will provide clues on whether an employee's skills, knowledge and experience are being put to use. Look for evidence that employees are responsible for checking their own work, as opposed to giving it to others to check and approve. Do employees seem engaged in their work, or are their actions almost robotic? Are there opportuni- ties for employees to be doing a little more during a process step, instead of handing the product off to someone else for further processing? Are there opportunities to develop skills and grow? In order to eliminate waste, we must first identify it. No Pallet. No Problem. RoboFMS does it all. No need for pallet changers! RoboFMS opens up of an industrial robot with all the advantages of a fully integrated automation system: • open integration – different machines, • best in class FMS scheduling and management via Fastems MMS control • proven systems available from 250 mm to 800 mm pallets For more info on RoboFMS:

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