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NOV 2018

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ADDITIVE INSIGHTS MMS NOVEMBER 2018 44 Understanding Industrial 3D Printing AUTHOR | Timothy Simpson Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing Pennsylvania State Univeristy orient the part. To accomplish this, Dr. Frank com- bines ray-tracing algorithms and visibility analysis to determine whether a surface of the part can be accessed by a tool of a given size or shape. His software reads in an STL file and analyzes whether each triangle is visible to the "rays" that are projected and whether they are accessible. The diameter of the ray corresponds to the size of the tool, and the offset of each triangle from the outer boundary correlates to the cutting depth of the tool. By perform- ing this analy- sis for a set of cutting tools, you can quickly generate what Dr. Frank calls a tool accessi- bility map. (See Figure A, which shows the design from the Alcoa airplane bearing bracket challenge organized by The color mapping in the figure shows what can be accessed by the available machine tools, with green being easy to access and red requiring smaller tools or limited access. Areas in gray indicate regions that are not visible and, therefore, cannot be accessed by a machine tool. This information is helpful for build-orienta- tion analysis. You can see in the figure how dif- ferent the recommended build orientations are if you want to minimize thermal distortion or maxi- mize machinability of support structures. For novice designers and those new to AM, analysis tools like this are important to help iden- tify the impacts of different build orientations. Granted, you may still encounter issues machin- ing the support structures themselves (see my August 2018 column), but at least you will know whether you can access them in your intricate AM geometry. For more information about this tool accessi- bility and machinability analysis algorithm, visit Dr. Frank's lab at . MAKE THEM GO AWAY Dr. Owen Hildreth of Arizona State University developed a technology that makes support structures dissolvable. Read more at . AN ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL CMM CUBE-R is a truly accurate turnkey 3D-scanning measuring machine for at-line inspection of parts up to 3 m. It leverages the power of MetraSCAN 3D metrology-grade scanner with the reliability and efficiency of robotization in a high-productivity industrial measuring cell designed for real-life shop-floor conditions. THE FASTEST TURNKEY 3D SCANNING CMM NEW | 1 885 939 4446

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