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NOV 2018

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SHOP TALK MMS NOVEMBER 2018 52 Industry News on digital transformation, the other on additive manufacturing. As part of the latter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory created a "die-in-a-day" demonstration that featured four stages of devel- opment: printing the die at Lincoln Electric, machining the printed die at Mazak, molding a part from the die at IACMI and 3D laser scanning the part at Quality Vision International. "Traditionally it takes a minimum of six weeks to make molds, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars," says Lonnie Love with Oak Ridge. "We demonstrated every day of the show the ability to go from digital to actual production in less than 10 hours. This technology has practical uses that manufacturers can utilize now." Multiple companies chose IMTS 2018 as their venue to debut high-volume AM systems, includ- ing HP and EOS. Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing, introduced the HP Metal Jet printer. Designed for high-volume production, the HP Metal Jet is said to provide 50 times more pro- ductivity than any other binder jet or laser. EOS launched the M 300-4 system, a multi-laser metal 3D printing system designed for industrial addi- tive manufacturing. More than 2,500 visitors attended confer- ence sessions during the week of IMTS, the larg- est being the IMTS Con- ference, which attracted more than 850 people and featured 71 different sessions. Meanwhile, the Additive Manufacturing Conference, organized by Gardner Business Media, had its largest event to date with more than 575 attendees. This year, IMTS made an effort to focus on what the show offers job shops. "Our new Job Shops program attracted 405 participants," says Michelle Edmonson, Senior Director of Exhi- bitions Operations & Marketing with AMT. "With such strong inter- est at this show, we plan to continue our focus on jobs shop at IMTS 2020." | AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology | NTMA Appoints Dean Bartles President The National Tooling and Machining Associ- ation (NTMA) recently announced the appoint- ment of Dean Bartles

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