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MMS NOVEMBER 2018 66 SURFACE TREATMENT and hardened surfaces. Disappointingly, compo- nent life span and bike performance remained unchanged. "The molecules of the ceramic medium used in the vibratory-finishing process weren't pen- etrating right into the root of the gear where we needed superfinished surfaces," Mr. Sangha says. "I knew there had to be a better way to finish our gears and other race components." Polished Surfaces in No Time Mr. Sangha found the solution when he turned to finishing specialist Fintek, a U.K.-based com- pany that has been surface superfinishing parts for jewelry makers, aerospace component man- ufacturers and top motorsports teams for more than 30 years. Developments in this surface-fin- ishing technology means it is increasingly affordable to smaller teams and race engineers. Fintek's newest extreme performance finishing technique is called "stream finishing." The pro- cess was developed by German company Otec, and it is capable of repeatably smoothing sur- faces to an average roughness of 0.01 micron Ra in a fraction of the time as traditional methods such as vibratory finishing or disc finishing. The process also reduces the risk of stress fracturing. "In contrast to other finishing processes, stream finishing not only polishes the surface, but positively changes the structure of the material edge zone," explains Otec Managing Director Helmut Gegenheimer. "As a result, we can inf luence reduced peak height (Rpk) and core roughness (Rk) values and, therefore, a component's fatigue strength. The Ra value (the arithmetic average height of roughness-compo- nent irregularities) mentioned above can also be achieved by hand polishing—that's nothing Otec's stream-finishing process improves the surface finish of gears to reduce friction and increase engine performance. Sangha Race and Restoration improves engine performance by stream-finishing gears and other engine components.

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