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NOV 2018

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MMS NOVEMBER 2018 76 FABRICATING After passing through a final filter and a chiller, water returns to the intensifier pump for reuse. Quick Payback Waterjet is known for simplicity as well as versatil- ity, and IMC was leveraging benefits almost imme- diately upon getting the system up and running, Mr. Meldrum says. Aaron Bazydlo has been the waterjet's primary operator for most of the past three years. Before working on this equipment, he had never worked with any CNC machine, but he says it has been relatively easy to learn. Intuitive controls and software help. Spe- cifically, he points to the iGems CAD/CAM software's capability to automatically nest part geometry within larger plate. Software also makes aligning parts and setting location offsets easy. As for fundamentals, he says he has learned a lot not only from Wardjet training, but also from experienced machinist coworkers who had never run a waterjet but found that many of the same concepts still apply. Exceptions include rules of thumb, such as letting the pump warm up, as well as maintenance-related items, such as recognizing orifice wear, setting compensating offsets and understanding when to change the orifice (the shop recently switched to diamond orifices, which are more expensive but last longer than the previous ruby). All indications are that IMC's expansion into waterjet is not over yet. For instance, the shop has recently begun to experiment with adding pneumatic drilling and reaming options to the waterjet. These could save more time, expand the system's range of work and free more toolchanger slots on the shop's milling equipment. Mean- while, the machine continues to prove its worth, sometimes unexpectedly. "We had a mold that got canceled recently, so there was this big chunk of aluminum sitting out back," Mr. Meldrum recalls. "There were plenty of other jobs that would fit inside that block, and it wouldn't fit on any saw, so we just took it to the waterjet and cut it to pieces. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when we are busy." | International Mold Corp. | 586-783-6890 | WardJet | 330-677-9100 | | Ebbco | 586-716-5151 | Some of these waterjet-cut parts have also undergone milling for 3D features like countersunk holes.

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