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NOV 2018

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Workforce Development Modern Machine Shop 79 those who are living out that inclusiveness, we gain valuable insight into what their experiences may teach us. With that aim in mind, I am writing a story about three women whose manufacturing careers span various ages and stages. Notably, this story appears in a magazine that just this year included its first cover story written by a female staff writer. (See our July issue.) Don't get me wrong, this certainly wasn't the first feature-length story penned by a woman to ever run in our maga- zine; we've been doing that for years. That story, however, just happened to have the right photog- raphy, intrigue and "cool factor" that made it the best cover candidate compared to our other stories that month. It was a darn-good story that proved to be the best fit for the job. While there was an element of happenstance to this situation (we didn't push to have a female author specifically write that cover story), the outcome wasn't reliant solely on chance. In recent years, Gardner Business Media, publisher of Modern Machine Shop, has been hiring more and more women for writing positions as many of its established writers near retirement age and create a skills gap that mirrors that of our manufacturing industry. Historically, both our publication and the industry we write about have looked to men to fill this void, but that fact is gradually changing to the benefit of the companies embracing it. As you read the stories of these three successful women and their manufacturing careers, really pay attention to what they are saying. Women want STEM educations. Women want to work with their hands to create things. Women want to become leaders and mentors on the manufac- turing shop floor. Women want manufacturing careers. If nothing else, these women's stories should make clear that the manufacturing labor pool might be larger than many of us realize. Elena Rodriguez naturally feels compelled to encourage and train all people on the shop floor, prompting her employer to make training one of her official duties. Photo: Pioneer Service

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