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NOV 2018

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Modern Machine Shop 83 Workforce Development are doing!' I prove to myself how far I have come. I am not a quitter." Today, Ms. Rodriguez sometimes runs four to five Swiss-types, though the normal protocol there is three. When one job is completed, she is busy standing on her step stool, setting up another. In the midst of doing all that, she has taken it upon herself to encourage and train women (and men, too) who are new to the shop f loor. If someone shows an interest in learning how to do something, she takes them under her wing. According to Ms. Muthana, her employer, this is not the industry norm. "Machinists tend to be very protective of their skills. Guarding them is a form of job security," she says. Having an employee willing to help others has created a more positive work environment. Pioneer Service has also benefitted from Ms. Rodriguez cross-training and developing employees. "This is how I see it. We (women) have to fight. We have to be strong." – E L E N A RO D R I G U E Z Ms. Rodriguez likes a good challenge. When she wants to achieve her goals, she works hard to prove herself. Here, you see the 5-foot-tall woman standing on a step stool to do her job. Photo: Pioneer Service

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