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NOV 2018

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Workforce Development Modern Machine Shop 85 guys. Some of us like being here just as much as you do. I feel more comfortable on the shop f loor than I do in a shopping mall. It's not that difficult. Treat me like a colleague. Women and men need to play nice together." Business owners must open their eyes to the option that women are a good fit for all types of manufacturing jobs, she contends. "It's harder now to retain newer employees and develop more veteran employees. If women aren't an option, then that's a problem for the company, not the woman. "The writing is on the wall: Demand for skilled workers is surging. If company leaders don't expand their search to include women, they will be the losers in the end." Moving Forward Ms. Kensmoe, Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Muthana have earned their place in manu- facturing by working hard, sticking to their interests and bringing unique talents to their companies. These are qualities any employee, man or woman, needs to bring to the table to help a company thrive. So take a look around your shop. What are you doing to establish a diverse work environment and attract the best employees for the job? "I find my confidence in being brave at times and telling myself, 'You belong here.' If you second-guess yourself, you might as well go home." – A N E E SA M U T H A N A Another way Ms. Muthana (far right) is helping to develop a more inclusive workforce in the manufacturing industry is to reach out and promote manufacturing careers to students. Photo: Pioneer Service | Cardinal Manufacturing | 715-695-2696 | Global Finishing Solutions | 800-848-8738 | Pioneer Service | 630-628-0249

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