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DEC 2018

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ONE-OFF MMS DECEMBER 2018 22 Derek Korn EXECUTIVE EDITOR @mms_derek Set Up a Student-Run Shop Near You This replicable student-run business model offers promise not only in terms of workforce development, but also in potentially lowering U.S. manufacturing costs. If you are a regular reader of our magazine and blog, then you likely are aware of Cardinal Manufacturing, the student-run manufacturing business within Elva-Strum High School in Strum, Wisconsin. The concept was the brainchild of teacher Craig Cegielski, who sought a solution to the age-old problem of limited funding and sup- port for school vocational programs here in the United States. His idea was to set up a vocational program to function like a manufacturing busi- ness and have his students run it. The program would then become financially self-sustaining, because students would be performing real pro- duction work for real customers. In addition to the technical training they'd receive, students would also get profit-sharing checks at the end of the year based on their participation. Cardinal Manufacturing launched in 2005, and 110 stu- dents have since graduated from this successful program. (You can find the original story we published about it as well as update articles and video at .) We have covered other such subsequently cre- ated student-run manufacturing businesses, too. What you might not be aware of, though, is that a nonprofit organization—the American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses ( student- )—was established last year to help schools set up their own in-house manufac- turing businesses. Industry veteran John Silveria is its executive director. Mr. Silveria says the ACSMB seeks to replicate the Cardinal Manufacturing model in other schools across the country, effectively providing a program template and speed- ing its implementation so those manu- facturing businesses can be running and making money within a couple years. It makes sense for shops of all sizes to consider working with this organization to help set up a student-run manufactur- ing business in a willing nearby school. That business can take on simple, small- batch work that you might not be able to perform cost-effectively on your sophisti- cated equipment, leaving those spindles available for more complicated, higher- margin work. Plus, the low hourly rate charged for student labor means parts can be produced for you at a much lower cost. A student-run business also could be a reliable resource for prospective quality talent for your shop. Students who com- plete the class have more going for them Craig Cegielski (right) often takes Cardinal Manufacturing students to shows like IMTS. John Silveria (left) joined on this year's visit.

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