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DEC 2018

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ONE-OFF MMS DECEMBER 2018 24 than simply knowing how to weld or program and operate machine tools. By running an actual business, they gain experience dealing with the same practical issues that you do each day, such as scheduling, billing, deadlines, customer ser- vice and so on. The program also enables them to hone their soft skills to boost their marketability for whatever career path they might choose. This approach differs from traditional man- ufacturing skills training models, and it can be hard for those who are accus- tomed to those conventional meth- ods to wrap their minds around it. Mr. Silveria says this might be one reason that it has been challenging for the nonprofit to gain traction as quickly as he had hoped. For exam- ple, the only "certificate" students who partici- pate in such a program receive is a high school diploma. However, he believes the students are a certification unto themselves having made actual parts and profits running their school manufacturing businesses. The successes they've achieved are provable. Mr. Silveria also envisions a scenario in which machine-tending robots can be used to increase production capacity for student-run businesses. That's beneficial because increasing profits through automation can enable schools to pay vocational class teachers a higher wage and pur- chase more advanced equipment to lower produc- tion costs to their shops' customers even more. In turn, if those companies then pass along the savings to their customers, then overall manufac- turing costs throughout the entire supply chain are reduced. So, if this all comes together as Mr. Silveria hopes, the program would simultaneously help close the skills gap, lower U.S. manufacturing costs and increase teacher wages to entice people experienced with manufacturing to be the "CEOs" of student-run businesses. When speaking with Mr. Silveria, you can sense his passion and strong belief that this program has legs. However, the ACSMB needs support from industry partners. There are various ways that small and large operations can help. Visit the orga- nization's website if you'd like additional informa- tion on ways to get involved. Cardinal Q&A Craig Cegielski answers questions you might have about his training approach: REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY! Alpha Workholding is the premier American manufacturer of Permanent Electro Magnetic workholding and material handling products. Available in 5 sizes, Eagle-Lift Magnets are built to the highest standards of workmanship, and boast unsurpassed performance and safety in the workplace. Alpha Magnetic Workholding also offers Repairs and Recertification of Magnets. • Exclusive Test Talon Safety Feature • Permanent Magnet — No Electricity Needed! • Available in Several Sizes • 3 Year Warranty • Made Proudly in the USA SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS | 877.217.6900 DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR MODULAR WORKHOLDING SYSTEM SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS Efficient Magnetic Workholding Since 1999

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