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DEC 2018

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DECIDING FACTORS MMS DECEMBER 2018 26 Data-Driven Manufacturing MARK ALBERT | MODERATOR Why Your Shop Needs an IIoT Roadmap In a recent conversation with Ramshankar Coimbatore Somasundaram (Ram C.S.) the CEO of Maxbyte Technologies ( ), an IIoT solutions supplier based in India, the need for an IIoT roadmap came up. We discussed the value of this roadmap and agreed that it was a useful con- cept for manufacturers to consider right now. The concept clarified critical aspects of the current situ- ation for manufacturing companies and suggested how they might move forward. In short, companies ought to have an IIoT roadmap. Initially, the discussion assumed answers to two basic questions. First, what is a roadmap? A road- map helps you get from a starting point to a des- tination by defining a specific path. It shows what roads or highways to take. It may also give a list of travel steps such as exit numbers or distances between points. An IIoT roadmap defines a specific path for reaching data-driven manufacturing. This roadmap shows where a manufacturing company is starting out and then defines how to proceed along a continuous series of implementations. One way to visualize the IIoT roadmap is as a succession of progressive stages that a manufacturing company must move through. Transitioning from stage to stage requires a clearly defined path, an investment and a business case that justifies every action. Second, what is IIoT? It is the Industrial Inter- net of Things, and by its nature, it is the reason a shop needs a "roadmap." IIoT is a term used to describe the emerging technology that enables data to be collected from industrial equipment and shared across a network, specifically one using the Internet as the universal connection. The IIoT is envisioned as the means by which most, if not all, decisions about industrial processes are more effective because they are based on data. However, the concept behind the IIoT (and the related term Industry 4.0) is so broad and all-encompassing that it is difficult to imagine how a company can enter this territory without the risk of losing its way and not being able to reach an environment enriched by greater efficiency and higher profits. Mr. C.S. said that an IIoT roadmap is, by analogy, a specific path for reaching data-driven ANALYZE

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