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DEC 2018

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SHOP TALK MMS DECEMBER 2018 48 Industry News next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed. However, 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap. During our conversation, I asked him what happened to the manufacturing funnel that has supplied our industry with skilled employees. He says the three problems that led to the skills gap are 1) apprenticeships went away, 2) edu- cators teach kids to take tests instead of to solve problems and 3) the computer numerical control changed our culture in that a different skillset is necessary to operate today's advanced machines. While the skills gap may appear to be a bleak challenge for the manufacturing industry, Mr. Iverson sees it as a lucrative opportunity for today's youth. If we can solve the student-debt crisis and synchronize education's deliverables with the manufacturing industry's skills needs, good-paying jobs can be matched with young people who want to work, he says. In a recent article he wrote for sister pub- lication Production Machining, Mr. Iverson says, "The message is clear. We all need to get involved. It is what our country needs in order to solve the skills gap for our manufacturers. At this time, we have a reshoring movement under way with work coming back here, but where are the people to fill our factories and do the work that has come back to the U.S.?" Mr. Iverson says we have these people if we can change the cultural perception of manufac- turing in this country by making working hard with your hands and mind cool again. The 300-page, 14-chapter book that debuted at IMTS offers suggestions designed to empower and inspire the next gen- eration of skilled work- ers. It can be ordered online at championnow. org or via Amazon. Arch Global Precision Hires Director of Product Management Arch Global Precision has hired Brent Sheerer as Director of Product Management, Arch Specials. He will lead Arch Specials cutting tool platform initiatives as a unified, mid-sized, full-service cutting tool company. Overseeing an

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