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DEC 2018

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Going Paperless Modern Machine Shop 57 revised and cryptic notes scrawled in indecipher- able shorthand. Further, a shop's most experi- enced machinists might leave behind half-written instructions, as the intuitive understanding they have developed over decades of work can make unwritten steps seem obvious. This can be unfor- tunate when less-experienced shopf loor person- nel are left to follow those incomplete directions. In light of these problems, as well as the simple cost of paper, some shops have started working to establish a digital, paperless work- place. A digital workplace offers numerous advantages, as it provides both office and shop- f loor personnel with access to the same informa- tion from every screen, monitor or display in the shop. Management can quote new work faster by knowing precisely what machines are running, what parts are available and what jobs are scheduled by looking at a single application. On the other hand, machine operators can have instant updates to schedules and up-to-date CAD files. However, precisely how one establishes a paperless workplace can be unclear, and it can be challenging to make all essential job information readily available in digital form. Knowing that Developing a digital workspace makes it possible to access up-to-date information on any screen in a shop, keeping both operators and managers from making decisions based on outdated information. WHAT'S ERP, DOC? This shop improved both quoting practices and work-life balance with cloud-based ERP:

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