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DEC 2018

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78 MMS DECEMBER 2018 FIVE-A XIS MACHINING of the shop can be controlled via computer by any operator who calls up a previously written program for the part that is currently being machined. The operator simply grabs a fixture for that part number off a nearby rack and knows exactly where to position that fixture on the table. It is then just a matter of running the program and capturing the necessary data for in-process quality assurance of the part. The data are captured auto- matically, which means the operators do not have to write down a thing. A milling operation using circle-segment tooling. Because of the conical barrel cutter that tapers at the tip up to 40 degrees, there's much less pressure than face milling would generate. All of these advantages enable the light cutting of curving, blended surfaces in a way that is also efficient enough to remove large amounts of stock quickly. The need to maintain precise angles of engagement and dedicated tool paths that are unique to different circle-segment tool types makes CAM software critical in the use of circle-segment tools. In this screen capture you can see a particularly tricky section of a part being machined using circle-segment tooling. number left, they write a note that goes up to the office that says we need to refill this tool stock for this tool. If the program stops or we have a power outage and they need to go back and rerun part of the program, they know right where to go." Finally, there is one more thing to notice while standing atop the second-floor deck, some- thing near the center of the shop floor, partially curtained-off from its surroundings: a Zeiss Contura coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This expensive equipment situated in the middle

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