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DEC 2018

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MMS DECEMBER 2018 82 BETTER PRODUCTION CAD/CAM Various 3D tool paths defined in Esprit are used to create the contours of the part. High-speed 3D milling minimized setups and non-value-added motion by keeping the machine in the cut and enabling the machinist to tend to other responsibilities. Before using Esprit, the company would have needed to invest in custom tooling, with long lead times, to achieve some of the finishes and complex geometries. Instead, the company has simplified its tooling by using an Iscar indexable ballnose end mill for the vast majority of the material removal. on long-term, higher-volume projects to estimate how much machine time will be required to produce each part," says manufacturing engi- neer Mike Curry. Mr. Steele adds that the shop worked closely with Esprit to build and tweak its postprocessors to ensure smooth communication f low between Esprit and the machines. It helps C&S detect crashes in the software, reducing the time and expense of scrapped parts. CAM Programming Improvements Spur Growth "When the initial implementation began, we started from scratch," Mr. Steele says. New PCs, electronic filing, printers and naming conventions all required a lot of training, but it was worth it. Additionally, the shop worked closely with Esprit to fine-tune its postprocessors. "We have worked on making sure all of our postprocessors post code in the same standardized format of our preference. When machinists and operators see a program in a machine, we want the format to look the same across the board." The increase in CAM programming capability provides several key benefits both to C&S Machine Grooving • Turning • Boring • Threading • Parting Profiling • Form Tooling • Special Tooling • Face Grooving With over a million standard tools, we've got the "ings" covered. INTERNAL GROOVING INTERNAL FACE GROOVING INTERNAL THREADING EXTERNAL GROOVING EXTERNAL FACE GROOVING EXTERNAL THREADING

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