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DEC 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS DECEMBER 2018 86 SIMUL ATION SOFT WARE Lights, Camera, CAD/CAM COMPANY MY T Works Inc. PROBLEM Testing tool paths on machine tools was costly and inefficient for prototyping SOLUTION NCSimul Machine software from Spring Technologies RESULTS Faster, more efficient prototyping for customized parts through CAM simulation and verification MY T Works Inc., a New York-based manufacturer, is intimately familiar with both movies and manufacturing. The company designs and manufactures slider dollies, skater dollies and tripod heads to hold and move cameras for smooth camera tracking, panning and circling shots for film. To achieve the pre- cision needed to avoid any shaking in camera movements, the company uses machining simulation software to preview and validate CNC machining programs when it manufactures its products. Filmmaker Etienne Sauret, a veteran in film and television production, founded MY T Works in 2010 in Manhattan, New York, after becoming frustrated with equipment that failed to address problems such as def lection, bounce-back and noise. Although there are products designed to address these indi- vidual issues, he says they are typically customized, one-off items with cumbersome, time-consuming setup requirements, and their temporary nature makes them prone to damage and deterioration. Dissatisfied with these options, Mr. Sauret collab- orated with a team of engineers to create camera-motion equip- ment that would better suit industry needs. MYT Works manufactures custom camera-motion equip- ment for film. Keeping the camera steady as it moves along rails requires precise tolerances and durable materials. EDITED BY ELI PLASKETT | ASSISTANT EDITOR

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