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DEC 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 87 BETTER PRODUCTION Toolpath Verification Behind-the-Scenes Prototyping MY T Works' products are designed to hold and stabilize cameras, moving them precisely while minimizing setup time and production-quality issues. Its products are modular in construc- tion, simplifying combinations and variations to provide f lexibility and adaptability. They are machined from aluminum and steel, and versions of the dollies can support cameras weighing as much as 150 pounds. The precision tripod heads, which mount on the dollies, can handle as much as 80 pounds. When Mechanical Design Engineer James Schwartz joined the company in 2012, it was located in a 600-square- foot space in Manhattan, outsourcing its product prototyping and part production to machine shops in the New York City area. In 2014, extended lead times and the high cost of out- sourcing prompted the company to purchase a small machine tool to produce prototype runs of one or two parts. The company used an inte- grated CAD/CAM soft- ware package to engi- neer the parts and create code for the machine controller. Often, the parts were experimental and difficult to make, so performing trial-and-er- ror CNC programming and testing on the machine consumed more time than the actual machining. "In a volume produc- tion environment, you are able to amortize the time spent setting up and making mistakes at the machine over a very long period of time because you're running lots and lots of parts," Mr. Schwartz says. "But for us, in a prototyping situation where a part is machined in five minutes, to wait an hour to set it up and get it right is a huge loss of time." Getting the Shot with Toolpath Verification To expedite the prototyping process, the company acquired NCSimul Machine simulation software, a component of Spring Technologies' NCSimul Solutions offering. The software enables users to simulate, verify, optimize and review machine programs based on the characteristics of the spe- cific parts, tooling and machine tool involved. • 5-Axis • 7'-21' wide • 12'-100'+ long 704.508.7000 | WWW.CRONSRUD.COM OVER 40 DISTRIBUTORS NATIONWIDE • 5-Axis Heavy Duty Extrusion Machining • Programable Clamps • 3-5 Axis • Twin Tables (lockable) • 72" x 144" x 41" Work Envelope HM 98 t 148 ELITE MACHINES FOR ELITE APPLICATIONS X 222 t 428 t 531 t 737 t 840 HR built to order

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