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DEC 2018

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MMS DECEMBER 2018 88 BETTER PRODUCTION SIMUL ATION SOFT WARE Three-dimensional graphics help users avoid machining crashes, while complex algorithms and embedded process-based knowledge enable optimization of cutting conditions. It provides machining verification in three steps: investigat- ing and correcting coding errors, simulating to locate collisions and correct motion errors, and validating the part cut and machining result. The software is designed to reduce the time spent on debugging programs; eliminate the risk of spindle collision, tool breakage and scrap; and improve cycle times and process efficiencies. MYT Works used the software to simulate and verify the CNC programs produced by the CAD/ CAM system. "NCSimul enabled us to move quickly through programming without having to try out tool paths at the machine itself," Mr. Schwartz says. "We could skip that trial-and-error process at the machine. I could program the tool paths and then check the program both for safety and accuracy while the machine was running on something else." The shop moved to Brooklyn in early 2017 to gain space and expand its manufacturing capabil- ities. It also purchased two larger CNC machines from Okuma: an L-250 CNC lathe and a Genos M-560 three-axis vertical machining center (VMC). With these machines, the company now performs 90 percent of its production manufacturing in house, Mr. Schwartz says. Fortu- nately, NCSimul provides similar benefits in both prototyping and produc- tion. "NCSimul helps us to work through the pro- gramming part quickly so that we can focus on design and innovation," he says. "Interruptions in production are costly, and any mistake that we can prevent keeps the machine running and keeps us on schedule." According to Mr. Schwartz, Spring Technol- ogies does a good job sup- porting industry-standard software formats. "I don't have to alter my normal workf low," he says. "I can bring it all into NCSimul within minutes, and then have a real-time view of what my program would do on the machines down- stairs." Another benefit is no longer needing to stop a machine to test a pro- gram. Instead, users can test programs virtually and move on without taking up machine space. Maximum Precision... Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. 165 Chestnut Street, Allendale, NJ 07401 (201) 934-8262 • Improved quality with reduced cycle times! Today's high volume production requires precision which only a few years ago was unachievable! When machining worms, ballscrews or actuator screws for automotive or aerospace applications, whirling is fast becoming the process of choice. Leistritz Whirling Machines and Tooling Systems fit nicely into machining cells with a small foot print and dry cutting advantage. ...With Each Rotation

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