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DEC 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 89 BETTER PRODUCTION Toolpath Verification Focusing in on New Challenges Recently, the company installed a Tsudakoma fourth-axis rotary table on its VMC. Positioned parallel to the X axis and perpendicular to the machine's work table, the rotary unit can be used as an indexing tool so the VMC can reach multiple sides of each part with a single setup. The fourth axis adds concerns about machine collisions and tool lengths that toolpath simulation software can address. Additionally, the tool paths in four axes can be more difficult to visualize, Mr. Schwartz says. NCSimul has helped in these new challenges as well. "NCSimul has enabled us to get to the final working part in one or maybe two tries instead of multiple tries," he says. "And when there are issues with a program, it makes it a lot easier to diagnose because the comparison feature will show exactly where the tool is either over-cutting or under-cut- ting. You can even jump to the particular line where it's happening." Toolpath simulation soft- ware has saved the shop from testing its setups on actual materials, which would risk creating scrap or damaging equipment. | MYT Works Inc. | 212-337-3789 | | Spring Technologies Inc. | 617-401-2197 NCSimul enabled MYT Works to program a machine tool without having to try out toolpaths at the machine itself. The software enables the shop to avoid costly mistakes and keep on schedule

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