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DEC 2016

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8 MMS December 2016 CONTENTS DECEMBER 2016 ■ VOLUME 89, NO. 7 ■ MMSONLINE .COM FEATURES 70 Active Scanning Makes Hole Inspections Whole Complete form measurement data on complex bore interiors helps Tube Hollows International, a specialist in precision tubular components, hollow out an even more competitive niche. BY MATT DANFORD 78 When Grinding Is Like Turning Complete Grinding Solutions leverages a high-speed peel- grinding process that resembles turning to effectively grind challenging materials such as carbide. BY DEREK KORN 86 A Rebound in Capital Spending: Searching for Increased Productivity The machine tool market bottomed in the summer of 2016, but will continue to rebound in 2017 as shops invest in technology for unattended operation. BY STEVEN KLINE JR. 78 86 70 ABOUT THE COVER Travis Ingram, quality manager at Tube Hollows, relies on CMM scanning to provide complete form data on bore interiors, but not just any type of scanning. As detailed in the article on page 70, an active scanning head is essential to supporting the long stylus extensions needed to reach deep inside tubular components, particularly those that are rich with complex geometric features. Photo by Kurt Brown from Photography by Brown (Westbrook, Maine). 2017

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