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DEC 2016

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 106 MMS December 2016 in the cutter body, which together enable cuts as deep as 0.230 inch without chip clogging. "Higher cutting depths are especially important on heat-hardening-prone materials such as D-2," Mr. Johnson says. "Unless the cut ting edge reaches beneath the hardened surface and into the sof ter material right away, you are doing h a rd - p a r t m a c h i n i n g w h e th e r yo u re a l i ze i t or not." McGill turned out to be one of the first users of the Ingersoll Di-Pos Hexa. The tooling company introduced it recently for square-shoulder milling and aggressive ramping at depths ranging to 0.230 inch. Though the inserts are two-sided, the cutting edges are positive-rake both axially and radially. To keep the shop running, distributor Quality Tools and Abrasives keeps an on-site vending This before-and-after photo shows the feedstock versus the finished part. The roughing operation removes more than half the original workpiece weight. machine stocked with all the inserts the company uses. Ingersoll inser ts represent about three- quarters of McGill's insert purchases. Ingersoll Cutting Tools, call 815-387-6600 or visit Save Money. Protecting Machine Tools for Over 50 Years Increase Machine Life. Eliminate Fluid Waste. Save the Earth. Scientifically Blended to (800) 326-3765 •

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