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DEC 2016

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108 MMS December 2016 BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology IDEX HEALTH AND SCIENCE PROBLEM Manufacturing glass components was time-consuming on a vertical machin- ing center SOLUTION DoveLock jaws on a Cluster Tower vise from Kurt Manufacturing Co. plus a horizontal machining center RESULTS Enabled more stable, lights-out machining New Workholding Setup, Machining Orientation Enable Lights-Out Production S etting up and accurately producing glass components on a vertical machining center requires slow, careful positioning and continuous operator attention—a process that Idex Health and Science of Oak Harbor, Washington, needed to improve for volume operation. However, a DoveLock jaw setup on Cluster Tower workholding from Kurt Manufacturing Co. (Minneapolis, Minnesota), along with a dif ferent machining center orientation, enabled the company to more effectively precision machine custom glass pieces. Called Slipstream flowcells, the flat, glass devices enable liquid samples to flow through a measurement region for automated analysis. They, along with other machined glass components, are used by the life sciences, industrial, medical device and analytical instrumentation industries. The average flowcell glass measures 3.875 by 1.25 inches with a thickness of 0.125 inch. The milled flow paths require accuracy to 5 microns. Precision machining the flow paths for these cells was originally a delicate, one-at-a-time pro- cess on VMCs using a flat, aluminum mounting Using a horizontal DMG MORI machining center equipped with a Kurt Cluster Tower vise and DoveLock jaw system enabled Idex Health and Science to machine its Slipstream glass flowcells more productively than on a VMC. plate; small clamps; and a single-station vise for workholding. The entire setup and machining process was slow. To address this issue, Idex began using the DoveLock jaws on a Cluster Tower vise tower and switching from a VMC to a DMG MORI NHX 5000 horizontal machining center equipped with the Spe e dMaste r spindle. Not only did the new m a c h i n e a n d w o r k h o l d i n g s e t u p e n a b l e unattended machining, but it made it possible

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