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DEC 2016

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology December 2016 MMS 111 "We design each tool to chamfer top, bottom and the flowcell contour. Each tool has the capa- bilit y of finishing 50 0 to 3,0 0 0 of these par ts without maintenance or replacement, depending on the application specifications," Mr. Utley says. The workholding setup also improves stability when pocket milling the glass flow paths as well as the output of the process by enabling offline setup of the glass components, which previously was not possible. The components are set up in machinable jaws and inserted into companion DoveLock master jaws mounted to the Cluster Tower on the machining center. The master jaws' built-in, dovetail quick clamps are designed to precisely hold and lock t h e q u i c k - c h a n g e , mac hina ble jaws into position. In the initia l setup, each master jaw has two bolts that fasten easily to the stationary movable jaw on the Clus- te r Towe r s. O nc e the master jaws are in place, t h e m a c h i n a b l e j aw s locate precisely with the master jaw and quickly l o c k u p u s i n g t h e machinable jaw's three hex-head bolts. H o w e v e r , t h e DoveLock workholding setup alone could not effectively hold the glass components, since they are prone to crack, shat- ter, scratch or otherwise become unusable. To address these issues, the company uses a spe- cial, sof tened wa x as intermediary material in the setup fixture to pro- te c t a n d c u s h i o n th e glass components. Once the sof tened wa x is placed on the machinable jaw's clamping face and the glass component is positioned on top, the fixture's two clamps are tightened. Most of the wax is removed so that what remains is an evenly placed coating that adequately cushions and holds the component with rigidity and accuracy. "Developing use of the wax for this setup took some creative trial and error," Mr. Utley says. "With SharpVue Advanced Digital Microscopy • Crystal-clear image with true color reproduction • Rapid auto-focus lens • Built-in LED lighting • 9" working distance • USB and HDMI outputs • 30x Optical Magnification, 300x Digital • Includes remote control with clearly labeled buttons • Imaging and measurement software included. Sophisticated, Versatile and User-Friendly Tailored To Fit | 734-973-0099 | SharpVue 360° Tilt Table Item # 26700-135-TTB SharpVue X-Y Glide Stage Item # 26700-135-XYTB Item # 26700-135

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