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DEC 2016

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 120 MMS December 2016 operation, raw parts are continuously delivered by forklifts. The parts arrive in bins at two areas where a pedestal robot uses a vision system to locate and pick parts from the bins. The raw parts are presented to a separate vision system to verify that they are of the correct type before they are placed on a dedicated raw-part stand for the gantry robot to access. The gantry robot trans- por ts f inished par ts from each machine and places them on a dedicated finished part stand for access by the pedestal robot. The pedestal robot presents the par ts to a marking system where they receive a 2D matrix code. Next, the robot moves the par ts to a vision system that verifies the matrix code. In the next stage, finished parts are transferred into a booth containing a smaller pedestal robot. T h e r e, t h e p a r t s a r e a i r- b l a s te d to r e m o v e residual liquid and debris. Once cleaned, the robot transfers each part to a CMM, where it is inspected and verified before being delivered to the finished part bin. Forklifts then remove the full finished part bins from the cell to be prepped for delivery. The cell is managed by two HMIs, which were designed with custom control screens that enable operators to quickly and easily select part types, e n a b l e/d is a b l e f u n c ti o ns, s e l e c t ins p e c ti o n frequency and type, and view current system information status appropriate for the applica- tion. Additionally, the control interfaces provide wa r nings a nd infor mation re ga rding syste m alarms along with guidance about how to how to resolve the issue. S E W 's s y s te m wa s d e s i g n e d to r u n t wo dif ferent par t numbers at high volumes while providing flexibility within the programming to accommodate six other part types. Several of the robots execute tasks within common areas, Makino, call 800-552-3288 or visit Quick & Easy 2 Week Lead Time Made To Order Solid Carbide High Performance .2500'' - 1.00" DIA. Neck Lengths & Radius PVD Coatings Economical Pricing Economical Pricing 636-498-0370 CUSTOM MADE ENDMILLS

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