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DEC 2016

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134 MMS December 2016 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE complex parts, improve safe material removal and extend support for a broader range of equipment. The software incorporates a robust CAD pack- age that includes special tools for preparing CAD models for efficient CNC programming and for designing tools and fixtures used during subse- quent manufacturing processes. CAD-for-CAM to o ls c a n re p o r te d l y e lim in ate h o u r s of tim e required to prepare models for ef ficient CNC programming. For example, Solid Impression helps quickly make custom fixtures while Solid Disassemble takes an assembly and lays each body out for easier machining. Enhancements to make 2D machining more efficient include improvements to Mastercam's Dynamic Motion tool paths. version of its measurement software for advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance and reverse engineering. The new r e l e a s e i n c l u d e s m a ny e n h a n c e m e n t s a n d added capabilities. The user interface has been reorganized with updated icons and enhanced "tool tips" to streamline work flows and make applications easier to learn. Programmers can now create custom apps using any common p r o g r a m m i n g l a n g u a g e w i t h t h e r o l l o u t o f Ve r isu r f SD K . Powe r Su r fac e e n h a nc e s th e software's CAD modeling capabilities, enabling it to fill holes or fit CAD surfaces through point clouds and meshes with fine-tuning control and high fidelity. The Verisur f SDK enables programmers to c re ate c u s to m ex te r n a l a p p l i c ati o n s i n a ny common programming language with program- matic access to Verisurf features and functions. Apps can run locally, over intranets or the public internet with Verisurf running minimized or as a background process. Power Surface fills holes in CAD models with arbitrar y boundaries and f its a CAD sur face through point clouds or meshes. The module includes an extensive set of fine-tuning controls that provide the user with total flexibility over resulting surface profiles and boundaries. It even displays statistical metrics characterizing the quality and fit of surfaces created. The software also includes new granular set- tings for the collection and display of scan data, including max scan rate, max scan inspect rate and max scan angle. Users can assign colors based on the angle between the scanner and the par t to assess scan data quality and filter out scan data in areas where point clouds overlap. Verisurf Software Inc., call 888-713-7201 or visit MATERIALS-BASED MODELING SOFTWARE PROVIDES AUTOMATED REPORTS Third Wave Systems' materials-based modeling software, AdvantEdge, is said to reduce the bar- riers of entry into offline, virtual simulation of the metalcutting process. Users can reduce engineer- ing time needed with the results analysis wizard and automated report generation for tool life and To ease programming for complex par ts on four- and five-axis machines, the Advanced Rotary 4-Axis module automatically constructs the appro- priate tool path based on a shor t sequence of p r e d e f i n e d s t e p s . S i m i l a r l y, S t o c k A w a r e Multia xis Drilling simplifies and automates the creation of multi-axis hole drilling operations. For programming mill-turn machines, Mastercam 2017 introduces Multi-Station Tool Locators for turrets and half-index positions. Tool locator positions are now set in the turret setup, which has been redesigned; as a result, turrets that could only support 12 tools before can now show 50. Mastercam's CAM programming tools have been reorganized and relocated to be easier to find and to improve workflow. Mastercam / CNC Software Inc., call 800-228-2877 or visit MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE ENABLES USERS TO FILL HOLES IN CAD MODELS Verisur f Sof t ware Inc. has released the 2017

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