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DEC 2016

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MMSONLINE.COM 12 MMS December 2016 MMSONLINE.COM Web Extras | KEEP LEARNING WITH WEBINARS ON MMS ONLINE Modern Machine Shop regularly hosts webinar presentations from exper ts on such topics as 3D printing, machine monitoring technology, tool shop optimization, everyday machining and best practices. Go to to register for the next scheduled presentation or to browse the list of past webinars, a good number of which are still available for v iewing if you missed any. Some standout webinars from the archive include: • "Make Your Mill Run Longer: Reduce Downtime on Setups" (Autodesk) • "How High Speed Machining Can Optimize Your Tool Path and Increase Your Productivity" (GibbsCAM) • SPC in Three Steps" (Mitutoyo) • " H o w D i g i t a l i z a t i o n W i l l Tr a n s f o r m Yo u r Moldmaking Operations" (Siemens) BLOG POST: TREATING TABLETS LIKE TOOLS Portable electronic devices such as laptops and tablets are becoming more common on the shop f loor. These mobile devices are increasingly being used as resources for data collection, problem documentation, calculations and refer- ence information, among other things. The fact that tablets and laptops are not tied down to a par ticular workstation and can go whe reve r needed is their strength. But mobility also has the potential to be a weakness. Devices set loose o n th e f lo o r c a n e a s il y g o m is s ing, b e c o m e damaged or fall behind on important updates. O ne solu tion for this proble m is to tre at the technology as another tool—literally. Read Associate Editor Stephanie Hendrixson's blog post on storing tablets for shopfloor use at . MMS Extra is Modern Machine Shop's free email newsletter. To subscribe, visit

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