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DEC 2016

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138 MMS December 2016 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Machining Centers 60-position ring-type tool magazine with capac- ity for a variety of tooling as well as a Vision BTS to verify the integrity of the tooling prior to use. The machine's Professional 6 (Pro6) control moves operators through machine setup, with features designed to enhance safety and dynamic control in addition to reducing cycle times. Makino, call 800-552-3288 or visit ROTOR MILLING MACHINES EFFICIENTLY PRODUCE HELICAL SCREW PROFILES, WORM SHAFTS Holroyd EX-series CNC rotor milling machines a re d e signe d for high s p e e d, pre cision a nd reliability. The EX range begins with the 1EX, a machine capable of milling helical components ranging to 150 mm in diameter, and offers stepped increases in capability, right up to the 8EX rotor miller for parts ranging to 850 mm in diameter. Additionally, a "special order" 10EX machine is also available for components exceeding 1 m in diameter. Various custom models are available. EX machines cut a full-depth groove by travers- ing the cutting tool through the material at the relevant helix angle while simultaneously rotating the component in the C axis. Accurate synchro- nization between the axes is maintained via the CNC, with digital drive technology controlling all a xis movements. The cut ting head is able to remove so much material in one step because the majority of heat generated is transferred to the chips, the company says. These are then removed from inside the machine by means of a conveyor system. The flexibility of EX-series rotor milling machines means they are equally ef ficient at producing complex components with helical screw profiles as they are at producing gear parts such as worm shaf ts. Holroyd says that in all manufacturing environments these machines can improve pro- ductivity through a combination of high-speed operation, powerful menu-driven touchscreen CNC programming, quick-change tooling, high- power spindles and rigidity. Holroyd Precision Limited, call 44 1706 526 590 or visit HMC'S CONTROL ENABLES HIGH-PRECISION HONING, ORBITAL TURNING Mazak's HCN-4000 automated, multitasking HMC features high-precision honing and orbital machin- ing capabilities as well as Done-in-One process- ing, designed for producing pump and valve-type components. According to the company, the machine easily incorporates Mazak's Palletech system now controlled with the company's Smooth PMC software. The machine is equipped with a 40-taper, 12,000-rpm spindle and 1-G accelera- tion in all axes. Mazak also offers 14,000-, 18,000- or 30,000-rpm spindles. With a direct-drive rotary table design, the machine requires fewer moving parts, improving positioning accuracy as well as indexing time. The SmoothG CNC with Smooth Orbiturn function supports the honing process and orbital machining. Orbital machining techniques enable the HMC to turn round and eccentric features on large, oddly-shaped par ts such as valves and manifolds while the components remain station- ary. Using standard tooling, the machine is said

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