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DEC 2016

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144 MMS December 2016 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Machining Centers This makes it possible to erect the machine on a solid industrial f loor, usually without special machine foundations. Users thus have greater flexibility when setting it up, the company says.. T h e F Z4 0 C o m p a c t c a n m a c h i n e s t e e l components quickly and economically on five a xes. According to the company, it achieves shor t throughput times, high availabilit y and high precision. Zimmermann Inc. Corp., call 248-305-9707 or visit GANTRY MACHINE SUITABLE FOR LARGE AEROSPACE, DIE/MOLD PARTS Jobs SpA's medium-size milling center, the eVer 7, is characterized by an overhead gantry struc- ture sliding on fixed columns or on a concrete base. The developments in this machine product are premised on simplification, including fewer components without cutting performance. for automatic milling head change. It also features a three-axis T3A power head T3A (5,000 rpm, up to 59 hp), par ticularly suitable for operations requiring high removal rates, and a T3K twist h e a d w i t h a 15,0 0 0 r p m e l e c t ro s p i n d l e fo r semi-finishing and finishing machining. According to the company, the eVer 7 repre- sents an excellent solution for machining large aeronautical components and molds and dies requiring both high-power chip removal capacity and high-speed finishing operations. Jobs SpA, call 0523-549611 or visit MACHINING CENTER SERIES DESIGNED FOR SINGLE- CLAMPING, MQL OPERATIONS Licon's LiFlex series of horizontal, twin-spindle and five-axis machining centers provide a variety of configuration possibilities. The machines offer three loading options: direct load, double trunnion or pallet changer. The series includes machines with a range of working envelope sizes, accom- modating different application requirements. The LiFlex II 444 has a 450- or 400-mm spindle dis- tance; the LiFlex II 76 has a 750-mm spindle distance; and the LiFlex II 1066 has a 1,050-mm spindle distance. The machines' high dynamic stiffness achieves high-force machining perfor- mance. Heavy-duty applications are made easier with twin spindles. The LiFlex series is designed for minimum- quantity lubrication (MQL) machining, reducing costs and optimizing chip removal. The LiFlex concept's five-axis positioning enables machin- ing such parts as suspension knuckles—usually The eVer 7 is designed to offer high dynamics and chip removal capacity via the crossbeam structure with multi-triangle section, called together the "M T-f rame." T he machine prov ide s high acceleration and speed (ranging to 1,575 ipm) through innovative mechanics and kinematics, reducing hourly operating costs. Users can cus- tomize configurations with fixed or interchange- able heads, a range of accessories and options for integrated turning. The machine also enables flexibility in use, with ergonomic features and easy loading/unloading operations. The enclosure makes for efficient containment of chips and other machining residue; simplified maintenance. The machine is equipped with the BUSS system

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