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DEC 2016

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146 MMS December 2016 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Zeiss of fers t wo computed tomography (CT ) scanners: the Zeis Metrotom 800, with an extended performance spectrum, and the Zeiss Metrotom 1500. For the Metrotom 800, users can choose between models with a tube voltage of 225 or 130 kV. The significant increase in power from 39 to 500 W on the 225-kV version offers several advan- tages. The machine can scan metal components along with mixed materials, such as hybrid work- pieces, without any difficulty, the company says. As a result of enhanced performance, the machine scans components significantly faster than the 130-kV version. EXTENDED CT SCANNER CAN HANDLE TALLER WORKPIECES The corresponding visualization and evaluation software provides 3D visualizations and section views based on the voxel data generated by the Metrotom OS. In addition to visualizations, the program also provides information on the shape, size a nd position of cha racte r istic s such as discontinuities and inclusions. The machines feature a complete enclosure to protect the operator from X-rays, but the inte- rior can be viewed by standing in front of the CT scanner or at a dif ferent workstation. For this reason, every machine is equipped with a camera and monitor. The image from the camera can be displayed on the reconstruction computer to set up the measurement. When preparing the mea- surement at the workstation, the operator can ensure that there will not be a collision between the component and the detector or tube. The camera image can also be viewed on different computers outside of the measuring lab. Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology LLC, call 800-327-9735 or visit FILTERLESS AIR MIST COLLECTOR EFFICIENTLY ELIMINATES 3-MICRON PARTICLES Tecnara Tooling Systems introduces the Aoi MistCapture, a filterless air mist collector that is said to provide 98 percent efficiency in eliminat- ing 3-micron-sized par ticles. The product is available in four models designed for a range of air volumes, velocities and applications. The col- lector is said to be compact and easy to mount, and can be fine-tuned for environments where contaminants are a problem. The impeller uses centrifugal force to separate out particulates and is sound-attenuated for quiet operation. Only purified air is emitted from the exhaust port. Regular maintenance can be per- formed without removing the duct hose from the intake port. With the 225-kV Metrotom 1500, operators can receive information about the entire compo- nent. Unlike its predecessor, this model is designed to scan larger components with a new measuring Z axis. The maximum height of the components has been raised from 300 to 700 mm. The work- piece can now be raised and lowered by 400 instead of 150 mm. In addition, multiple scans can be merged into one volume model. Workpieces such as steering columns and other larger cast- ings can now be tested noninvasively. This is an important requirement for shortening the time needed for initial sampling and accelerating process optimization during production ramp-ups, the company says.

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