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DEC 2016

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148 MMS December 2016 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW To facilitate servicing, the product is designed for floor or low-stand installation. A dedicated stand is available. The air intake may be located as far as 25 ft. from the filtration system. Operat- ing air temperature ranges to 140°F (60°C) at the intake plate. The product can be used for a vari- ety of applications including machining centers, lathes and multitasking machines. Tecnara Tooling Systems Inc., call 562-941-2000 or visit HYBRID TOUCH, OPTICAL CMM PROMOTES FLEXIBLE IN-LINE MEASUREMENT I n n o v a l i a M e t r o l o g y 's v e r s a t i l e M 3 H y b r i d coordinate measuring machine (CMM) combines touch-probe measurement with an Optiscan opti- cal sensor, enabling flexible integration into both offline and in-line measurement. The company says that the CMM provides higher speed and reliability when making a three-dimensional mea- surement, reaching difficult access points with the touch sensor system and optical scanning of the rest of the workpiece. In conjunction with these intelligent metrology tools, the company's M3 software platform promotes high measure- ment accuracy of 3D automotive, railroad, aircraft and turbine components, among others. The company adds that its hybrid system enables immediate, in-line detection of critical deformations from stamping and machining pro- cesses, providing high dimensional accuracy to comply with qualit y standards in the plastics industry. The M3 Hybrid is available in different sizes in a single or duplex design. Innovalia Metrology, call 34-945-430-718 or visit CYLINDRICAL GRINDER USES STREAMLINED MACHINE DESIGN Shigiya's GPS-30B CNC cylindrical grinder is designed to offer an entry-level model with high- quality performance. It is also intended to reduce costs and increase affordability using a streamlined machine design with common parts. The machine's wheelhead and table head sliding surfaces feature wide V and flat slideways that provide sufficient rigidity and load capacity. The high damping performance and equalization of the lubrication oil, provided by the oil film's squeezing effect, help the grinder maintain long- lasting precision and smooth operation. The wheel spindle oil is stored in an isolated tank to prevent thermal displacement caused by an increase in lubrication temperature. The wheel dressing device is mounted onto the lower table, eliminating the need to change dressing coor- dinates. Available options include a non-swivel wheelhead with a highly rigid main body and large-diameter wheel spindle. The grinder can change speed steplessly on the AC servomotor within a range of 15 to 600 rpm. Optimal rotational speed can be determined automatically with the interactive automatic pro-

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