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DEC 2016

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Page 155 of 164 December 2016 MMS 153 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW 30 mm and lengths ranging to 60 mm. The machine can perform simultaneous, double-sided machin- ing on 12 or 24 stations with as many as 150 switching cycles/min. The system can produce as many as 600 parts/min. According to the company, the machine uses various loading systems including a vibrator y, linear or inclined conveyor, and a pick-and-place system for loading parts directly from the feed or pallet. Mikron Corp. Monroe, call 203-261-3100 or visit EXPANDED GEAR GRINDING SERIES CATERS TO AEROSPACE SUPPLIERS, JOB SHOPS Liebherr has expanded its LGG range of grinding machines. The standard LGG 180/280 machine has been upgraded to an LGG 180/280 L "large version" to cater to special customer needs. An additional new machine for large workpieces, the LGG 300/500, has also been added to the lineup. Liebherr is also introducing new grinding heads for all LGG machines. The LGG 180/280 L combines typical mass- market requirements with those of job shops. As a single-table solution with only one clamping fixture, it can machine planet and sun gears, ring gears and beveloids ver y cost-ef fectively, the company says, achieving short load/unload times of less than 4 sec. This machine can also grind drive and output shafts ranging to 660 mm or longer. Given its increased working space, it is suitable for machining smaller batches typical in job shops and aerospace suppliers. The bigger LGG 300/500 model provides a relatively compact footprint for parts ranging to 500 mm in diameter. Like the smaller LGG 180/280, the LGG 300/500 has been approved for the use of grinding tools with cutting speeds ranging to 100 m/sec. The new LGG machines are suited to generat- ing grinding of tooth-flank modifications: twist-free (TF), deviation-free topological (DFT), noise exci- tation optimized modification (NEO), generated end relief (GER), silent shift grinding (SSG) and dresser-independent profile modifications (DIP). Liebherr Gear Technology Inc., call 734-429- 7225 or visit

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