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DEC 2016

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CONNECT 14 MMS December 2016 MMS CONNECT FIVE DFM TIPS FOR DESIGNERS Leading machine shops offer design for manufacturability advice to customers to reduce machining cost and lead time. These include: avoiding thin, vertical walls; avoiding small/tightly packed features at deep depths; designing around sharp internal corners; minding tapping depths; and considering using stand-offs or mating parts. Read the full story pinned to the top of our Facebook page. WHY USE TECHSPEX FOR YOUR MACHINE SEARCH? One of the prime benefits of Techspex is the ability to compare the specs on multiple machine tools from dif ferent manufacturers side-by- side. When you search for a machine tool model, checkmark the models that interest you, then click "compare models" to generate a printable spreadsheet. Register for free to use the tool with more than 8,000 machine tool models at . FIND OUT MORE: VISIT OUR TWITTER PAGE Here is a sampling of some of our recent tweets—little bits of information in 140 characters or less. Follow us on Twitter to read more stories like these. • Turn to MMS Online for tech. Turn to our publisher for manfuacturing- specific, economic intelligence and forecasting. econ • Five tips for effective machine monitoring: • If it succeeds, learn from it! Cub Mfg, a student-run mfg business in the model of another successful program: ANNOUNCING THE 2017 TOP SHOPS CONFERENCE Modern Machine Shop will host its inaugural Top Shops Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 5-7, 2017. We are currently working to finalize session topics, speakers, etc. Join the group and comment to suggest topics you would like to see us cover in this event. Our goal is to provide practical, helpful takeaways that s ho p ow n e r s a nd m a n ag e r s c a n im p l e m e nt right away. SELF-DRIVING VEHICLES ON THE MANUFACTURING FLOOR Otto Motors displayed its self-driving vehicles at the International Manufactur- ing Technology Show (IMTS). Watch the video on our YouTube channel to see the lif t-configured Otto 1500 rolling underneath a container and lifting it up for transport. 0 0:27 0 2:0 8

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