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DEC 2016

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26 MMS December 2016 RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief "T he tool presetter is one of the most impor- tant data hubs in a data-driven manufac- turing environment," Ryan Meleg says. As Global business unit director at Parlec Inc. (Rochester, New York), Mr. Meleg sees how a streamlined flow of data across a computer network that con- nects all of a shop's CNC machines and related software applications is essential to the Industry 4.0 concept. More to the point, he emphasizes that the latest tool measuring technology has to play a vital role in this scenario. "The presetter, which may be better called a tool measuring machine, provides a direct link—a single point of contact—bet ween the tooling database from which part design and CNC pro- gramming draw, and the machining process that relies on the tool offset data and tool life informa- tion for accurate and precise part production," he explains. In addition, he says, the presetter/ tool measuring machine can check tooling items returning to the tool crib so that the tooling data- base can be updated with current measurements that reflect detectable edge wear, along with information such as remaining tool life. "This capability closes the gap between the vir tual model of the tooling assembly and actual com- ponents that do the machining. It also closes the loop between projected tool performance and the actual results from the shop floor," he says. According to Mr. Meleg, two of his company's most advanced models, the 1850 TMM and the Apex TMM, are particularly well-suited to facilitate data-driven manufacturing. The features and capabilities that account for this suitability deserve a closer look: Accuracy and repeatability on the shop floor. Tool measurement has to happen in a shop The Tool Presetter as Data Hub BY M A R K A LB E RT environment where tools are assembled, inspected and delivered to nearby machining areas. For example, a ductile cast iron structure with hard- ened and ground ways, sealed bearings and guideways, and a symmetrical design that neutral- izes thermal distortion are important construction features of both models. Digital measurement via a high-resolution v i d e o c a m e r a . V i d e o s e n s i n g te c h n o l o g y, c o m b i n e d w i t h a n i n t u i t i v e u s e r i n te r f a c e, e n a b l e s r e l i a b l e m e a s u r e m e n t d a t a to b e captured ef ficiently in the tool assembly area. Options to automate the process for "one-click" The Apex TMM brings automation and integration to the measurement of form cutting tools and grinding wheels with complex contours.

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