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DEC 2016

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28 MMS December 2016 RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief operation further streamline this process. Provisions for networking and shopfloor connectivity. To act as a data hub, these models are internet- and Ethernet-ready for integration with tool management and manufacturing control systems. Tables of tool offset data can be con- veyed to the machine through a DNC system for downloading or transferred to an RFID chip in the toolholder for automatic input with a chip reader in the machine tool. Options for interfacing with a variety of manufacturing systems. In addition to com- municating with the CNC machine tool, the pre- setter/tool measuring machine can communicate with a tool data management system, making it a gateway to data-driven manufacturing. Options for the 1850 TMM, Apex TMM and other models include several versions of Parlec's ParleVision tool data management software. The company also partners with TDM Systems, a developer of comprehensive tool data management and com- munication software. A u t o m a t i o n f o r e f f i c i e n c y. T h e A p e x machine, which is designed to measure profiles of form cutting tools and grinding wheels, exem- plifies streamlined interaction between the tool measuring machine and the operator in a digital environment. For example, the company's P7 software enables this machine to import a CAD drawing in the DXF format so it can be used directly to compare, measure and analyze irreg- ular shapes and contours of complex cutting tools. Likewise, a software feature called Echo automatically monitors the operator's measure- ment steps when a new tool is measured for the first time. By capturing this process so it can be reproduced, the machine has self-learning capa- bility that increases the throughput of the mea- surement system. Characterizing the presetter/tool measuring machine as a hub is not merely employing a figure of speech, Mr. Meleg concludes. Literally, this machine is capable of serving as a one-stop center where all of the information for retrieving, assem- bling and measuring cutting tools converges. It also enables that data to remain associated with the tool as it travels to and from the machining center. The presetter/tool measuring machine is the essential juncture for the journey of the physical tool and the related packet of data. Parlec's P7 software on the Apex TMM enables contours of form tools to be compared directly to the geometry from an imported CAD file of the tool design. Parlec Inc., call 585-425-4400 or visit The Mobile Cobots Are Coming BY JEDD COLE C ollaborative robots, or "cobots," soon may be not only known for how easily they can be programmed and for their safety controls in part picking/placing and machine tending, but,

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