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DEC 2016

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32 MMS December 2016 RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief applications. Otto Motors recently entered into a research effort with Yaskawa Motoman, an indus- trial robotics supplier, and Robotiq, a supplier of plug-and-play robotic grippers and sensors, to develop a mobile manipulator solution, the protot ype of which has been shown at trade shows already. The prototype uses the Otto 1500 with Yaskawa Motoman's MH12 robot arm and a Robotiq 2-Finger 85 gripping end ef fector, along with a wrist camera for machine vision. This produces an autonomously mobile robot arm with a 1.4-meter reach and 12-kg payload that can communicate with other machines via a wireless direct connection to a programmable logic controller. According to Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette of Robotiq, the research project is still in develop- ment, but it seems to have potential for bin pack- ing, process-specific manipulation and mobile machine tending. The end effector enables the robot to carr y a variety of objects for dif ferent tasks, while the wrist camera can locate parts to p i c k . " T h e p l a t f o r m c a n d o a b r e a d t h of tasks as long as the repeatabilit y and /or the accuracy of the cell reaches your expectations," he says. "With a ±25-mm repeatability, it is pretty re p eti ti ve fo r s o m eth i n g th at r u n s a ro u n d a warehouse. And don't forget that the camera is there to see what is going on in the bin, so the platform doesn't have to be precisely accurate to grasp [the correct part]." Essentially, applications for this system could include par t loading/unloading with the ability to deliver finished parts and retrieve fresh ones for multiple machines since the robot is autono- mously mobile. Find Mr. Bélanger-Barrette's blog post about this technology at short.mmsonline. com/barrette . Otto Motors, call 800-301-3863 or visit Yaskawa Motoman, call 937-847-6200 or visit Robotiq, call 888-762-6847 or visit Laser Micromachining Drills "Invisible" Holes BY S TE PH A N I E H E N D R I XS O N This in-development solution uses an Otto 1500 self-driving vehicle carrying a Yaskawa Motoman MH12 robot arm with a Robotiq 2-Finger 85 adaptive end effector and wrist camera for mobile machine tending, including part loading/unloading. The video demonstrating how this might work can be found at . H ow do you drill a hole smaller than the diam- eter of a human hair? Baltimore, Maryland- based Potomac Laser, a microfabrication shop, turns to UV laser micromachining for such appli- cations. This process directs a laser beam onto the surface of a material and the energy of the 00:27 02:08

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