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DEC 2016

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42 MMS December 2016 COMPETING IDEAS Columnist work environment (process flow), technology (process capabilities) and company/management philosophy (customer satisfaction) variables. 2 . Why won't t he change hur t us? This may seem like the opposite of the first question, but it is really more than that. We need to focus not only on the benefits the change will bring, but the risks associated with adopting the change. The purpose is to reduce any anxiety or perceived negatives tied to the change. Employees often associate change with head-count reduction so, if possible, we need to clarif y the impact the change will have on current resources. Using the lead-time-reduction example above, an answer to why the change won't hurt us may be: "Changing this process will not af fect our product qualit y in any way and will eliminate unnecessar y steps, freeing up employees to work on other value-added activities." T h i s a n s w e r a d d r e s s e s t h e e m p l o y e e (security) and products/services (performance) variables, in addition to the variables already addressed in the first question. 3. Why make this change now? There needs to be a sense of urgency to any planned change. Once everyone involved with the change under- stands how it will help and why it won't hurt, it is important to move forward so the benefits can be realized as soon as possible. Again using the example of the reduced-lead- tim e c h a n g e, a n a p p ro p r i ate a nswe r to th is question is: "Making this change now will allow us to beat our main competitor's delivery lead time, providing an opportunity for an immediate increase in sales." This answer provides good justification for the timing of the change, namely: The sooner we implement the change, the sooner we could see the benefit of more business. Applying these three questions to changes under consideration provides structure to the process of introducing change while addressing those variables that will of ten delay, or even derail, the changes needed for a company to grow and prosper. C M M • V I S I O N • F O R M A N D F I N I S H • P R E C I S I O N T O O L S A N D I N S T R U M E N T S • D A T A M A N A G E M E N T Mitutoyo America Corporation | 1-888-mitutoyo | • One-click measurement function • Telecentric optical design • High-resolution color camera system • 3 LED illumination sources included • Large field of view and depth of focus • Rich lineup of high accuracy (0.1µm) stages • Easy mode operation for entry-level users • User-defined overlay templates for judgment • On-image results display with color tolerance View Video Quick Image – Quick Measurements Automatic alignment recognition Batch measurement

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