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DEC 2016

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• Precisely cuts Sapphire, Glass, Silicon Carbide, Quartz, Ceramic, Zirconia, Hardened Steel, High Nickel Alloys, and more • Dual Function Vertical Machining Center and Rotary Ultrasonic Machining • XYZ Travels: 20" x 15.7" x 13.8" • 1,890 IPM with 1.2G Acceleration • 0.8 Seconds Tool Changes • 1.3 Seconds Chip to Chip • 24,000 RPMs • Automatic Frequency Search & Lock • 15-45 kHz Auto Tuning/Vibration Frequency • Amplitude Range 1-10 microns • Siemens 828D Control for 3-Axis Machine • Siemens 840D Control for 5-Axis Machine • High Speed Spindle Rotation Combined w/ High Frequency Tool Vibration $199,900 800.852.7825 VU-5 U ltrasonic 3 - 5 A x i s M A c h i n i n g c e n t e r s Go with the -team starƟng at 20kHz per second

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