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DEC 2016

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64 MMS December 2016 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Columnist programming and helping to assure the quality of the parts coming off the machine—is somehow supposed to become a semi-expert on surface finish standards and parameters as well. For that machinist, this may be too much to ask. One solution available now is a feature built into some sur face gages for automatic cutof f selection. In effect, the measuring system selects the right filters and correct measuring traverse length. This is done automatically while the part is being measured, depending on the magnitude of the value for the width of profile elements (Rsm) or surface roughness depth (Rz) (as per DIN EN ISO 4288 and ASME B46.1). O n c e th e m e a s u re m e nt i s c o m p l ete, th e profile can also be filtered automatically with the most appropriate cutof f length depending on the traverse length. Measurement errors and incorrect filter settings are thus avoided. Of course, this automatic selection should not be used when the blueprints call for specific cutof f lengths or other trace settings. But for general-purpose surface-finish checks, the use of automatic selections can improve results, and is apt to improve correlation between similarly used systems. Machine operators are likely to get improved results when the surface finish gage is smart enough to choose the best measuring parameters. Renishaw Inc Hoffman Estates, IL A full range of probes available in optical or radio transmission confi gurations • Lower contact forces for less stylus bend and pre-travel • Excellent 3D performance • CMM-level accuracy • Excels in the harshest machine conditions Renishaw brings proven strain gauge technology and ultra compact electronics to a wide variety of small, medium and large machining centers. RENGAGE ™ addresses the performance limitations of conventional probes with true 3D measurement and unequalled accuracy in any plane. Reap the benefi ts of automated job set-up, reduced scrap and lower fi xture costs. RENGAGE ™ strain gauge technology—for the most accurate probes in the world. I N N O V A T I O N O V E R 4 0 Y E A R S O F

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