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JAN 2017

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8 MMS January 2017 CONTENTS JANUARY 2017 ■ VOLUME 89, NO. 8 ■ MMSONLINE .COM FEATURES 70 No Part Left Behind The right mindset, the right five-axis technology and an intuitive approach to palletization help Omega Plastics extend automated control to the majority of its high-mix work. BY MATT DANFORD 78 Turn-Mill Technology Improves Industrial Motor Performance By replacing a welding process to create rotor cooling channels with multitasking machining from a solid forging, Siemens Norwood in Ohio has realized improved induction motor vibration qualities and much faster overall rotor production times. BY DEREK KORN 84 JIMTOF: A Strong Embrace of IIoT The recent Japan International Machine Tool Fair reflects the rapid move toward smart factories in which smart machines are fully networked. BY MARK ALBERT 78 84 70 ABOUT THE COVER A new machining center and a modified fixturing system have enabled Omega Plastics to automate not just electrode manufacturing and ram EDM operations, but also metalcutting of its largest parts, including mold bases. Read more on page 70. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Heckendorn, business development manager at Omega Plastics Inc.)

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