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JAN 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 100 MMS January 2017 alleviate the ergonomic issues associated with manually shoveling heavy media in a tight space and moving heavy drums. Kris Chipman, safety, health and environmental super visor, began researching solutions, including some big shop- type vacuums. After speaking with a Vac-U-Max representa- tive, it quickly became clear that commercial, shop-type vacuums were insufficient to handle the volume of heav y- blast media, Mr. Chip- man says. Instead, the vacuum needed to be d e s i g n e d f o r h i g h - volume recovery in an industrial setting. The solution for Cianbro was Va c - U - M a x 's 15 - h p 1020MFS continuous- duty vacuum. Even though the unit is capable of recovering as much as 5 tons per hour and is designed to pick up heavy materials i n c l u d i n g s te e l s h ot, f o u n d r y s a n d, m e t a l powders, sludges and other materials similar in nature, Mr. Chipman wanted final assurance that the vacuum could pick up Cianbro's par- ticular blast media. "This is heavy stuff," he says. "Each 55-gallon drum weighs approxi- mately 2,000 pounds, and from the beginning, we were not sure if what we wanted to do was even possible. So we s e n t V a c - U - M a x a s a m p l e o f t h e s h o t media, they did some testing and guaranteed it would work for us." Although the 1020 u n i t i s p o r t a b l e w i t h material back into the blast machine for reuse. The sandblasting process is taxing on machin- ery, and when inherent breakdowns occur, work- ers must remove all blast media from the system to per form maintenance. Previously on those occasions, workers used to sweep and shovel the steel shot into drums and manually move them from the production floor using a dolly. Fo cuse d on s afet y, the c ompa ny wa nte d to

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