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JAN 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 102 MMS January 2017 14-inch rubber tires and a dual swivel caster w h e e l t h a t m a k e s i t e a s i l y m a n e u v e r a b l e by a single operator, Cianbro mounted its unit to a skid. "Push-pull is a hazard in our book, and we do all that we can to avoid it," Mr. Chipman says. "So, we mounted it to a skid and move it with equipment. It is very portable for us because we have fork trucks and loaders to move it around our facility." As a result, Vac-U-Max now offers the model 1020 with an optional base designed for forklifts. "The great thing about this vacuum system is that the hoses are long enough that we can leave the collection drums where they can be mechan- ically moved, instead moving drum dollies man- ually," Mr. Chipman says. Since acquiring the vacuum, the facility has Vac-U-Max heavy-duty industrial vacuums reduce the risk of injuries, enabling Cianbro to quickly and safely clean track augers. The optimal tools for firearms manufacturers T he advanced materials and sophisticated designs of modern firearms require tooling that delivers high precision, improved finish, and extended tool life. Constructed of fine-grained carbides and advanced coatings, Carmex tools are engineered to deliver high performance, long life, and the precision that enhances the reliability of your products. Contact your Carmex Representative 262-628-5030 or 888-628-5030 | Count on us for applications involving: • Swiss-style machining • Thread milling • Thread turning • Chamfering • Groove milling • I.D. and O.D. turning • Key slotting • Special applications Whatever your requirements, Carmex can provide the tooling to keep your operation ON TARGET. The optimal tools for your industry TM

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