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JAN 2017

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Page 107 of 148 January 2017 MMS 105 BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology is an 80 percent reduction in u n s c h e d u l e d d o w n t i m e , w h i c h h a s l e d to i n c r e a s e d production time. I n a d d i t i o n t o u s i n g t h e vacuum for its original task of cleaning steel shot from the blast machine and auger, Mr. Ramsay says the facility has expanded the use of the vacuum in other applications, such as cleaning garnet from the floor of another blasting area, and also in the pa int bay. "It has a llowe d us to clean the areas in a much safer and expeditious manner," he says. T h e f a c i l i t y a l s o u s e s t h e vacuum to clean up overspray i n i t s c o a t i n g o p e r a t i o n a s well as for general housekeeping on the shop f loor. " When we do a good clean up, we utilize th e vac u u m. It is a l ot fa ste r a n d m o re e f f i c i e n t th a n j u s t sweeping. And it gets it cleaner," Mr. Chipman says. Because the vacuum makes light work of heavy blast media, Cianbro now cleans around the blast cabinet and auger system a couple of times a week, reducing abrasion to machine parts result- ing in an 80 percent reduction in unscheduled downtime.

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