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JAN 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 110 MMS January 2017 "We often achieve this aim with an optimized roughing ope ration that ultimate ly re sults in a reduced f inishing process. By maintaining Werner Kirsten, technology developer at Heller, presents his proof of concept findings. the same technological values, but shortening the finishing depth of cut by 50 percent, the o v e r a l l m a c h i n i n g t i m e i s r e d u c e d to h a l f. H o w e v e r, t h i s r e q u i r e s p r o c e s s r e l i a b i l i t y a nd c o ntro ll a b l e syste m s d u r in g ro u g h in g," s ays We r n e r K i r ste n, w h o wo r ks i n H e l l e r's Technology Development Department on difficult- to-machine materials. All machining components in the process chain must be considered to improve productiv- ity, he says. The machine tool is the most evident component of the machining process, however, the tool, the toolholding system, the coolant supply and other elements are also essential for a successful operation. "In the end, the weakest link of the process chain limits the success," Mr. Kirsten says. For many shops, this weakest link is of ten t h e t o o l h o l d e r. I n t h e c a s e o f r e i n f o r c e d shrink-fit chucks, however, the vibration node is closer to the bearing point (due to the larger P 803.438.4000 F 803.438.5263 P O B O X 7 0 0 7 C A M D E N , S C 2 9 0 2 1 - 7 0 0 7 COGSDILL TOOL PRODUCTS, INC. ©2017 view more online DEBURRING 1 Burraway and Burr-Off mechanical hole-deburring tools for removing burrs from the front, back, or both sides of drilled holes in one pass. 2 Flipcut – for back- spotfacing and back- or front- chamfering operations; from one side, in one set-up. 3 SEDT – for deburring holes in flat surfaces, angled surfaces, and elliptical surfaces. SOLUTIONS FOR A LARGE RANGE OF DEBURRING APPLICATIONS 1 T H E S O U R C E FOR DEBURRING 2 3 A WIDE ARRAY OF STANDARD SIZES CUSTOM TOOL DESIGNS AVAILABLE 100 YEARS 1 9 1 4 | 2 0 1 4 MAKING PRECISION TOOLS IN THE USA FOR

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