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JAN 2017

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124 MMS January 2017 TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING 9 0 0 1 C E R T I F I E D ISO HOLD IT Make it te-CO if you want to reduce costs and set-up time, maximize flexibility and productivity, and consistently produce quality parts. Also available in hydraulic configurations. 800-543-4071 with extreme accuracy, precision and flexibility DRILLING GRADE FOR CAST IRON COUNTERACTS HIGH OPERATING TEMPERATURES Walter USA expands its inser t range for cast iron drilling with new diameters in the high-speed Color Select P6005-WKK45C grade for Xtra-tec B401x point drills. These new inserts are available in diameters ranging to 1.50" (37.99 mm). With this expansion, the Walter's grade for machining c ast iron can now be used to d r i l l a l l h o l e s f r o m 0.47" to 1.50" (12 to 37.9 9 mm) in dia m ete r at d e pths ra nging to 7×D and holes ranging from 0.71" to 1.02" (18 to 25.80 mm) in diameter at hole depths ranging to 10×D. Cast iron proper ties such as brittleness as well as irregular structures and surfaces exert a great deal of stress on cutting edges, which can result in high operating temperatures. The sub- strate, coating and geometr y of the P60 05- WKK45C insert work to counteract these condi- tions, the company says. The insert's multilayer PVD coating combines tough and wear-resistant layers to optimize hardness and toughness. According to the company, these characteristics give the new inser ts as much as 100 percent more strength on the cutting edge and outstand- ing resistance to wear and high temperatures. T hey also are said to provide great proce ss reliability when drilling and withdrawing from deep holes, even at ver y large diameters. The red ISO K coating used on the Color Sele ct WKK45C range allows users to easily gage the amount of wear on the insert. Walter USA LLC, call 800-945-5554 or visit END MILL GEOMETRY ENABLES DOUBLED FEED RATES Niagara Cutter, a subsidiary of Seco Tools, recently

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