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JAN 2017

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Page 129 of 148 January 2017 MMS 127 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE the new launch include toolbars and menu panels that can be easily docked to the edge of the application window; a more intuitive sof tware interface for new users; and a new project dialog that displays after the program starts displaying the most recently used files. In this version, Tebis has also improved the display of wireframe models and isolines to avoid the problem of too many i s o l i n e s o n t h e s c r e e n t h a t c a n m a k e t h e c o m p o n e nts v i s u a l l y unclear. This version is a l s o d e s i g n e d to b e m o r e e f f i c i e n t w i t h users' time, automati- c a l l y b r e a k i n g u p assemblies and com- plex files into multiple individual files. Another time-saving benefit is o p t i m i z e d r e v e r s e engineering. Release 3 p r o v i d e s i m p r o v e d algorithms that gener- ate transitions for four- edge surfaces. The user can also quickly adjust t h e a p p r o x i m a t i o n t o l e r a n c e , c o n t r o l - generated radius run- o u t s a n d t h e o r e t i c a l edges more efficiently. In surface modeling, when generating sur- f a c e s w i t h c o n s t a n t cur vature, Re le ase 3 suppor ts symmetrical a r e a s a n d p r o v i d e s better management of input parameters when using optimization func- tions. This version also delivers improved reli- ability in NC programs. A n e x t e n d e d l i s t o f k nown machine con- flicts is integrated into the CAD/CAM software for quick access. The NC automation of 2.5D drilling and milling is also more efficient in this version, because the processing sequence in feature-based NC programming now can be more easily influenced by feature groups. Tool optimization has also been extended in the Job Manager. Tools can be changed across machin- ing operations in NCJobs. According to the company, it is possible to shor ten cycle times by roughly 30 percent in When the coolant becomes a Liquid Tool. Metalworking fluids to optimize productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality. Our specialists support you to get the best out of your machines and tools with the Liquid Tool. Please contact us for your local distributor. Blaser Swisslube Inc. Goshen, New York Phone 845-294-3200

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