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JAN 2017

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CONNECT 14 MMS January 2017 MMS CONNECT WHY FORMING A MACHINE-TOOL BUYING COMMITTEE IS A GOOD IDEA There are many factors to be considered before acquiring a new machine tool, and a lot of questions have to be asked and aswered prior to select- ing the right CNC machine. With such a decision, it is important to consider how the purchase will touch all the relevant departments of a shop. Read the full story pinned to the top of our Facebook page. GUIDE TO BUYING MACHINE TOOLS Te c h s p e x n o w h a s a K n o w l e d g e C e n te r called "Guide to Buying Machine Tools" that w i l l s h a re va l u a b l e ex p e r ti s e i nte n d e d to help machine shops make smar t decisions on their nex t machine purchases. Browse t h e a r t i c l e s a n d p r o d u c t s h o w c a s e b y v i s i t i n g s h o r t.m m s o n l i n e.c o m / te c h s p ex , a n d c h e c k b a c k i n a c o u p l e m o n t h s f o r more content. FIND OUT MORE: VISIT OUR TWITTER PAGE Here is a sampling of some of our recent tweets—little bits of information in 140 characters or less. Follow us on Twitter to read more stories like these. • Editors of #AdditiveManufacturing magazine ( @AddMfgMedia ) share insights from the 2016 AM Conference: • One next-step advancement for #cobots: specialized grippers from @SCHUNKINC • Fusion of #waterjet, #laser opens new #machining possibilities: 2017 TOP SHOPS SURVEY NOW LIVE Modern Machine Shop's Top Shops benchmark- ing program is what spurred the idea to start our Top Shops LinkedIn group. The 2017 survey is now live and will run through February. It can be accessed at . Plus, don't forget you can find results from past surveys and numerous articles offering analysis of sur vey f indings in our Top Shops Zone at . LATHE WITH Y-A XIS MOTION, ATC PROVIDES FLEXIBILITY Hwacheon offers C1 series CNC lathes with Y-a xis motion and ATC-tended, "three-stack" turrets. The turret can present tools to both the main and subspindle, and includes six stations with Capto toolholder inter faces for auto tool change-out. 0 0:27 0 2:0 8

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